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how to mint a gentleman

connecting your wallet

the first thing you’ll need to do before minting our nft is to connect a compatible wallet which supports the ethereum network.
the wallet we would suggest using is metamask and instructions on how to create and connect your metamask wallet so that you’re all set to mint can be found here

the minting process

after installing and setting up your ethereum wallet, the most important part of the process is connecting this wallet to our site. this can be done via the pop-up which should appear upon entering our site which prompts you to ‘connect your metamask.’

you should allow your metamask to be connected to our site through this pop-up, after which you will be able to gain access to our minting feature.

the minting will be carried out directly from our website, which makes it much simpler client-side (for you).

1.make your way over to the ‘mint’ section of our website where you will a large button which spells, you guessed it, ‘mint’. click this button if all prior steps in this tutorial have been completed.

2.after clicking the mint button, you will get an option to input the number of nfts you would like to mint, with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 2 nfts per wallet. input this information and click ‘confirm’.

3.the last step will just require you going through to the transaction page which will be done automatically, checking the gas fees and total cost of the transaction, and finally confirming the transaction if you are happy.

updated roadmap

we are currently entering the final stages of development by one of our developers into formatting a rarity tool for tegs








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